How to see BITSD tokens in MyEtherWallet (MEW) wallet

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To see BITSD tokens in your wallet you need to create it, i.e. specify address, token symbol and decimals. The following steps describe how to do this:

1) Unlock your wallet account.

– Go to “Send Ether & Tokens” menu
— Select “Private Key” checkbox and paste your private key in “Paste/Type Your Private Key” text area.
— Press “Unlock” button

2) Add SkinCoin token.

  • Go to the “Token Balances” topic
    — Press “Add Custom Token”
    — Fill the fields of BITSD token
  • Address: 0xd00faa50d4f1a97b407fdc8656c940712fdd4150
  • Token Synbol: BITSD
  • Decimals: 3

3) Press “Save” button

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